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Multi Commodities Traded

RBD Pamolein, Groundnut Oil, Rapeseed/Mustardseed Oil, Pepper Domestic-MG1, Soy bean, Coconut Oil, Castorseed, Castor-Oil, Guarseed, Aluminium Ingots, Rubber, Copper, Zinc, Coconut Oilcake, Gram, Sugar Grade - M, Gold, Silver, Gold-M, Rice, Wheat, Ref Soya Oil - Indore, Cardamom, Masoor, Urad, Tur / Arhar, Guar Gum, Silver - M, Steel - Flat, Yellow Peas Long Staple Cotton, Medium Stapple Cotton, Mustard Seed, Red Chilly, Maize, Cashew Kernel, W320, Basmati Rice, Jeera, Crude Oil, Sarbati Rice, Sesame Seed (Natural 99.1), Mentha Oil, Sponge Iron, High Density Pol, Kapaskhali PPTQ, Potato, Middle East Crude Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil.

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